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Smart Sensor Devices is a Swedish company working globally with the latest IoT solutions. We are located in Stockholm, the hottest hub for IoT inventions. Get in contact with us today and explore how you can become part of it! Our long time experience in IoT devices and systems are crucial for giving your business the most for your investments, improve Time To Market and lower your risk.


Smart Sensor Device was founded

Smart Sensor devices was founded by Axel Hammar , who has been working on Bluetooth technology for over 10 years.

Jan, 2016

Joined Bluetooth organization

Smart Sensor Devices became a member of Bluetooth organization.

Feb, 2016

Developed bluetooth based attendance system

Students attendance can be managed inside a classroom using Close Beacon. More

Mar, 2016

Introduced Smart USB Dongle

First version of Smart USB Dongle was launched that supported Bluetooth 4.2

Oct, 2016

Released IoT connected notification system

The device contains built in camera triggered by motion and vibrations sensor.

Mar, 2017

Joined Startupbootcamp Smart City Dubai

Became a part of Startupbootcamp Smart City Dubai.

Jan, 2018

Hibou Air quality indoor sensor system released

A wireless device that provides all environments data for observations to preserve a healthy indoor air quality environment. More

Mar, 2018

Hibou Air quality outdoor sensor system released

Providing real-time outdoor air auality data for smart cities.

Apr, 2018

Launched air quality data service with first customer

Started measuring air quality in Kista.

Nov, 2018

Got our first client in Australia

Started providing Hibou Air Quality data service in Australia.

June, 2019

Released Smart USB dongle v2.0

An updated version that supports Bluetooth 5.0. Includes bootloader to create BLE application easily. More

Dec, 2019

Top sensor technology companies in Europe

Beacame one of the top 10 sensor technology companies in Europe. More

Mar, 2020

The era of Internet Of Things has arrived.
Positioning you business for the new generation.

Smart Sensor devices was founded by Axel Hammar, who has been working on Bluetooth technology for over ten years. Since 2016 Smart Sensor Devices has been increasingly focused on providing solutions for the evolving IoT market. The company also focuses on building the most secure products on the market, while allowing customers to utilize the abilities of its hardware and software stacks to improve the security of their solutions.

The Team

Axel G. Hammar

Founder & CEO

Jacky Chong

Partner & Manufacturing Manager

Ulf Söderberg

Partner & Principal Software

Ulf Hedblom

Embedded & Cloud connectivity

Emil Lindblom

Embedded & Android Software

Pablo Win

Technical Advisor

Thomas Karlsson

Technical Sales

Sheikh Shuhad

Web Developer